Where the river bends

During my first year in London, I lived for 6 months in Shadwell. To be more precise I lived in Watney Market. I had a room that looked out over the market, and there was something so soothing about waking up to the sounds of people hunting for bargains or just shopping in general.

                The best part of living in Shadwell was that I could ride my favourite mode of transportation in London – the DLR. There is just something about the way it winds through buildings around the docklands, and then dives under the river to emerge out the other side as if into another world. Just about any station along the way from Canary Warf to Greenwitch is great place to stop and have a look around, but my favourite stop is actually the station next to Shadwell – Limehouse.

                You would not know it if you exit the station via Commercial road, but heading the other way along Branch road, there is a little harbour where boats come to dock. There is a pub where the river bends that you can watch the boats go by, and enjoy a sunset over a plate of fish and chips. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.