My new Point and Shoot solution

I have no point and shoot (P&S for short) camera. That is a funny thing to say as a photographer, but I have always found the ergonomics of the P&S cameras horrid, which was reinforced by my time as a camera reviewer at DPreveiw where I reviewed a number of them. For the last few years my carry around camera was mostly a Full Frame 35mm (Canon 5D) camera with a compact manual focus lens. This gave me the ergonomics and image quality I was happy with, but was not always the most compact of things to carry around. More and more I would just use the camera on my phone, and I felt more and more that I needed to have a more compact camera to carry around.

Recently there have been large discounts on Mirrorless Interchangeable lens cameras here in the UK. I ended up getting a Panasonic G2 to try out. Seeing that I have a number of EOS mount lenses including a number of manual focus lenses adapted to EOS mount, I decided to purchase an EOS to M4/3 mount adaptor to try out my current lenses before I spent money on native M4/3 lenses.

Below are a couple of photos comparing the size of the G2 with a 28mm (56mm equiv) lens and a 5D with a 50mm lens.



So I went out on Saturday and spent the day shooting mainly with the Olympus OM mount 28 F3.5 set to F8 and hyper-focal to infinity, and just clicked away. The first thing that I noticed is that at F8 the viewfinder is no darker than if I had set the lens wide open. This was one benefit of having an EVF I had not thought about. There is no focus time with the camera and so it was as responsive as my full size DSLRs for the most part, with the exception of the viewfinder blackout time (which is noticeably longer than I am used to). The whole package is much lighter and more compact compared to my DSLR and so I had it in my hand the while time, never feeling the need to have it attached to my shoulder via a strap. The shutter sound while audible is much quieter to my DSLR and I was did not get as many looks while shooting constantly walking down Oxford Street. Over all it was quite fun to use and I shot over 200 frames in an hour or so.

When I came home and loaded up the images on my desktop I felt like such a noob. I shot away without checking focus or that any of my images were in focus. I have had problems with focus on my 5D and manual focus lenses as I do not have perfect eye sight. It seems I had the same problem with the G2 and so most (if not all) of my images where soft due to being out of focus. But it was such fun to use that I am sure I will correct this problem in time and I think I have finally found my ‘P&S’ camera.

Here are a few of my out of focus soft images: