My New point and shoot solution... Again.

So it is been quite a few years since I last made a blog post. I started the blog with good intentions, but then don’t we all start everything thus? So a lot has changed in camera technology since I made my last post. Canon have moved onto 5D Mark III and 6D, and I shoot with both. The image quality on both are great for what I need, but after the last trip through China, I was hungering for something smaller.

I have said this a lot over the last few months. For many, the Fuji X100 is the gate way drug. And so it was for me and with the cash back offers at the moment, I just could not resist. I acquired a Fuji X pro 1. In many ways it is the large brother to the X100 series, and while there is a lot on the camera that could be improved, the experience of shooting with it is just so nice. This is such a cliché in photography, but it just makes me slow down a little and think about the image. Much like my X100, or I should say ex X100, because I just traded it for a Fuji 35 F1.4R to go with my X Pro 1.

Michelle was in town over the last few weeks, and I had a chance to go for a walk with her for an hour in St Kilda, and I shot with the X pro 1 and the 35. Is this what is like to fall in love with photography again? (I know another cliché).

Michelle... about to destroy a cheese cake.

The Girl who served her the cake.