Many rivers to cross

There is a song by Jimmy Cliff called ‘many rivers to cross’ in it he sings of the struggles of life. In many ways, we all struggle through life. Many things we do by feel without a guide. In my life I have always searched for that next mountain to climb, that next river to cross. 

                In the 7 years I lived in London. I never travelled to Dover. I was too busy going to Paris, or Rome or some other exotic European location. Always Wanted to go, never became the next trip on the list..

                On my most recent trip to the UK, I had rented a car, and one day I had the thought that this would be a good opportunity to see the white cliffs. It is the gateway to the rest of Europe in many ways, and in some ways, it is not even a part of the UK – did you know if you stand on the white cliffs of Dover, that your mobile phone thinks you are roaming outside of the UK! It is a short drive from London to Dover. Under 2 hours. I followed the GPS and it took me to the back road that ended right next to the South Foreland Lighthouse.

                I walked from there along the cliffs towards Dover. For some reason, sang ‘Too many rivers to cross’ under my breath the whole time. There were few people on the cliffs that day. It was a week day, and I guess there are not that many people that walk the cliffs during the week. The weather was quite good, and even though I fear heights, I enjoyed it immensely.

                How do I describe the experience of walking along the cliffs to someone who has not been? When I had seen the photos of the cliff, I had thought that you walk along the beach at the bottom of the cliffs and look up at it. While this may have been possible at some point, I found that this was not possible when I was there. Instead there are some worn trails that run along the top of the cliffs.

                Half way along the walk I found a dip. I have no other way to describe it. This is one of those places that you think it will be easy to get down and back up the other side, only to find out half way back out that it is precarious and especially with a couple of cameras hanging off you it was not the best idea to go down….

                But I did go down, and I came back up and I am so glad I did. At some point in your life, you must stop putting items on the list of things to do tomorrow and start to cross some off. But still there are so many more rivers to cross.